Do bugs fart?

Do bugs Fart?

That was a recent question from my three children, shouted in through an open door as they rummaged around in the garden. The answer is… yes they do! Most insects have micro-organisms (bacteria etc) that live in their digestive systems (just as we do); they do no harm and they help the bug by breaking down (digesting) their food. When this food is broken down gases are released, such as nitrogen, hydrogen, methane, carbon dioxide, oxygen and hydrogen sulphide. These gases have to go somewhere, and that usually means they get passed through the gut and out the insects anus!

Some bugs do more than just pass a bit of wind; check out these three extreme farting bugs… the Bombardier beetle, the Beaded lacewing larvae and termites…



Image credits: Bombardier Beetle: Cotinis; Beaded Lacewing: Cotinis; Termites: Scott Bauer

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