Mystery Monday – an Irish special

As it is St. Patrick’s Day today and the Irish are celebration all over the world, this week’s Mystery Monday post is a medley of native Irish animals…. can you name them?

1. St. Patrick supposedly banished all the snakes from our Emerald Isle, but here is a reptile he left behind… the only native Irish reptile… do you know what it is?

photo credit: nutmeg66 via photopin cc


2. There are a lot of native Irish dogs to celebrate but here is just one… can you name it?

photo credit: Xanboozled via photopin cc


3. The dairy herd is still very strong in Ireland, can you name this native Irish breed?

photo credit: jambox998 via photopin cc


4. Many Irish equine breeds are famous around the world, the Connemara pony is a one example, but here is another, do you know what it is?

photo credit: Jim Linwood via photopin cc
photo credit: Jim Linwood via photopin cc


5. And finally, we are all familiar with this insect, but which one is native to Ireland?



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