Mystery Creature – can you name it?

Mystery Creature – can you name it?

I have been asked a few times lately if I am going to recommence the Mystery Creature series on the blog…. so here it is. The idea behind this little series is that I post a new Mystery Creature at the start of each week and at the end of the week I will update the post to say what the creature was, along with a little information about it.

If you know what the Mystery Creature is then share in the comments below. It is all in the interest of learning and a bit of fun so feel free to ask questions, guess or even do some googling or research to find out the answer yourself.

Here is the Mystery Creature for this week… do you know what it is?

Photos Credit:  Steve Hamedl
Photos Credit: Steve Hamedl



Update: Want to know what the creature is? Check out the end of week “reveal” to find out.