Kayan slow loris

Kayan slow loris

Week: 22nd – 28th April 2013

How did you get on with this weeks CAN YOU NAME THIS CREATURE?  Did you guess it?  Got a fair few correct answers from people;  It is a Kayan slow loris!!!

Image credit: Ch’ien C. Lee

The slow loris is a close relative of the lemur and can be found in South east Asia.

These cute looking animals are listed as endangered and have been coveted as pets; not only do they not make good pets but they are also rare among primates in that they have a poisonous bite…. so their teeth are often removed as they are passed into the pet trade.  They often die of infection from such mishandling!

The slow loris is recognised by it’s large eyes, distinctive fur markings and lack of tail.  The Kayan slow loris was only recognised as a distinct species of slow loris is 2012 when more detailed recording of markings and features where recorded among the slow loris of Borneo.

Stay tuned for a new CAN YOU NAME THIS CREATURE post tomorrow!