Interview Series – Science Wows talk to Jason Tammemägi about creating and producing children’s animation

This post is the first in a new interview series looking at Science and Nature communication through different media in Ireland

  I really enjoy using different media to communicate Science and Nature topics to people of all ages. I am always very interested in how others communicate in these fields and the methods they use.  I have come across many people who have really caught my interest… their subject, medium and most of all their passion for what they do. Through this series of interviews I hope to explore how different individuals work in their specialised area, provide a sense of what a career in their chosen field is like and above all, express their passion for what they do and why!To kick off this interview series I spoke with =&0=&=&1=&=&2=&.
Image Credit: Jason Tammemagi
Jason is a writer, creator and director of many well known children’s television programs.  The creative mind behind such favourites as =&3=&, =&4=&, =&5=& and, more recently, =&6=&, Jason’s work is familiar to us all.I was delighted to get an insight into the various aspects of Jason’s work and how he uses the creative media of cartoon and animation to communicate with children.

Hi Jason and thank you so much for agreeing to take part in this interview series.  I have always believed that you can communicate any topic to children if you just present it in the right way and that is why Planet Cosmo really caught

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