Science Writing

If you can’t explain it to a six year old, you don’t understand it yourself”

That is (apparently) one of Einstein’s many quotes. It took me a while to realise just how true these words are, but once I did I was able to marry a love of writing with a love of science. I discovered that once I broke things down to their most simple components,  then I really could write with knowledge and freedom.

A fist full of flowers

Of course, it is always helpful having a six year old around to test the theory. I have a house full of junior scientists always happy to put me through my paces.

The blog started as a way to answer the questions of such six-year-olds and, through it, I have found my own place to write about science, about curiosity and about life.

Some of my own favourite posts are these…

Beyond the comfort of this blog my writing has featured in print and on-line magazines and site.

I have also written for TV and radio, such as  for the ‘Is Eolai’ Me children’s television science series (22 episodes, due for release in September 2016, Cula 4, TG4).

If you like what you read and wish to get in contact you can reach me at or (087) 2886771.


Want to know the formal bit?…

My background is biochemistry with a PhD in Molecular Biology; I have worked in the Medical Diagnostic Industry and lectured at third level colleges but my biggest educators to date are the children I have worked with!