Writing and Consultancy


I am currently working as a science consultant on a new Children’s TV show commissioned for RTEjr and produced by Stop Watch television.

I was script writer and science consultant on  Is Eolaí Mé – an award winning, 22 episode children’s science programme with a new science topic each week. The show has so many elements from science explanations, demos and experiments, to field trips, a weekly science challenge and even a fantastically funny silent black and white short (written by the very talented Patricia Forde).

The show was produced by Fíbín Media and airs on TG4.

Is Eolaí Mé won BEST CHILDREN’S TV PROGRAMME at the 2017 Celtic Media Awards.


Exploring Synaesthesia – see sounds, taste colour, smell words Irish Examiner, 23/05/2017

Are left handed people in their right minds? Irish Examiner, 29/03/2017

Newspaper column

I have a regular science column in the Irish Examiner called the Appliance of Science. Here are just a few examples:

Do Pigs dream?

Does chicken soup really cure a cold?

What is at the end of our Universe?

What’s in a kiss?

Why do our fingers wrinkle in the bath?

Easy Parenting Magazine

I have a regular Children’s Science Page in Easy Parenting Magazine (Zahra Media Group)

Science Spin Magazine

(2011 – 2014) kids science page in Science Spin Magazine


Radio interview on The Right Hook, Newstalk (January 2017), talking about unusual remedies for colds, which ones work and which ones don’t!

(My part is about a quarter of the way into the programme.)

Radio interview on The Spin 103.8 talking about our earliest memories (Friday 8th August, 2014) (No audio available)

The article “What is your earliest memory?” was discussed on Ryan Tubridy, 2FM (Friday 8th August, 2014; discussion starts 1 hour 7 minutes into the program)

Contributed to the Halloween edition of the children’s radio show (October 2012) The Discovery Lab on RTE junior Radio; See how you do in Dr. How’s Spooky Halloween Science Quiz


Media HQ

MediaHQ wrote a feature on the blog, February 2016


Meet the Mumpreneur, 2016.


How not to flop at flipping, February 2017

Mums on Line

The Science of Falling in Love, February 2017

The Journal

Lacking some New year motivation? There is always some science to explain it.

Pause to appreciate a simple moment

Jellyfish – friend or foe?

Need a little cheering up?

What is your earliest memory?

Is imagination more important than knowledge?

My Kids Time

How do Autumn leaves change colour?

Five fun Hallowe’en science experiments for kids

Exploring Pressure with Dr. How’s Science Wows

Exploring Light with Dr. How’s Science Wows

Exploring Sound with Dr. How’s Science Wows


A questioning Mind 

Guest posts

Science through the eyes of a child” on Science Calling.

Craft Advent – Santa Sound tube” on Where Wishes come from.

Ho Ho Ho Santa Sound Tubes
Ho Ho Ho Santa Sound Tubes

Craft Advent – Chromatography Christmas Trees” on Where Wishes come from.

Chromatography Christmas Trees
Chromatography Christmas Trees

Craft Advent – Simple Science – Snow People” on The Nest.




Office Mum Stories: Naomi Lavelle over at Office Mum.

Meet the Mumpreneur over at HerFamily.ie.

Newspaper Articles (features and quotes)

Telltale signs: why Irish parents should allow the tale to be told by Andrea Mara

Coping with Phobias by Kate Gunn

Falling in love only takes one fifth of a second by Niamh Griffin (print only)

Irish Mail on Sunday


Blog and website Awards

Winner of Blog Awards Ireland (Science and Education) 2017

Winner of the Realex Web Awards (Best Educational Website) 2016

Finalist, Blog Awards Ireland (Science and Education) 2016

Winner of Irish Parenting Blog Award (Special Interest Category) 2015

Bronze winner, Blog Awards Ireland (Science and Education) 2015

Finalist, Web Awards Ireland  (Science and Technology) 2015

Finalist, Blog Awards Ireland (Science and Education) 2014


You can contact me by e-mail at drhowsciencewows@gmail.com