Science Writing

If you can’t explain it to a six year old, you don’t understand it yourself”

Writing for children is much more complicated than it may first appear, but it comes with amazing rewards when you get it just right and get to experience a child’s joy as they react to something you have written or created.

I have really enjoyed creating science content for children, and families, through so many different media.


I have worked as script writer and science consultant on these great children’s TV programmes…

Let’s Find Out 

A science entertainment series for children aged four to seven. Produced by Stopwatch TV for RTE Jr. Supported by Science Foundation Ireland and RTE Junior Channel. 20 x 15 minute episodes featuring scientists Mark and Ciara and a puppet called Zoom.

Series 2 coming in 2020.

Is Eolaí Mé (series 1 and 2)

Body brothers


I loved creating and delivering some science content for Pot Wonders, a radio show for RTE Jr, created by the lovely Muireann Ni Chíobháin.

Print Media

I have a regular science column in The Irish Examiner, covering general topics of science and nature and answering questions sent in by the readers.

Do pigs dream?

Does chicken soup really cure a cold?

Do animals fall in love?

Exploring synaesthesia – see sound, taste colour, smell words.

I also create a regular science page for Easy Parenting magazine.

If you have a project in mind and wish to get in contact you can reach me at or (087) 2886771.