Fun Friday – Transpiration

Fun Friday – Transpiration

What is transpiration?

Transpiration is the process whereby water is taken into a plant by the roots, transported up through the plant and released from the leaves as water vapour!

Lets learn more!

Transpiration is a bit like perspiration (sweating) in humans – it helps to keep the plant cool! As the water vapour transpires out of tiny holes (called stomata) fresh water is drawn up from below. This means there is always an unbroken tower of water running from the bottom to the top of the plant at all times. Water travels up the plant through tubes called Xylem. The constant flow of water through the xylem tubes of the plant is called the transpiration stream; this stream keeps the stem firm so that it can support the weight of the plant. Plants put roots down into the soil to draw water and nutrients up into the plant.
Daintree Rainforest: Image source Wikimedia Commons

Transpiration accounts for up to 10% of water in the atmosphere! Some trees can loose hundreds of thousands of litres of water in a single day through transpiration! The water vapour trees transpire

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