bioPicHi, my name is Naomi and I’d like to welcome you to Dr. How’s Science Wows.

My interest in science communication for children  began in response to the questions and investigations of my own three junior scientists. I noticed how science opened up so many different avenues when I simply stopped to look at life through the eyes of a child. These natural explorations with my children at home grew into Dr. How’s Science Wows within a few short years. Every topic and experiment has been developed with children in mind and has been tried and tested with children of all ages.

Over the years Dr. How’s Science Wows has grown and expanded to cover a variety of areas of science communication… from hands-on visits to writing, workshop design and consultancy. Some highlights have included working with outreach programmes, writing and consulting for children’s tv and collaborating with some international projects; but there is still always a buzz to getting around a table with a group of children and seeing what science has to offer today.

Science around the table

At the end of the day, when the experiments have been put away, I like to come here, to the blog, and write about whatever is on my mind… from science to curiosity, to some general ramblings on life.

Whatever brought you to this site I hope you found something that you like and take away a new idea or perspective.



Want to know the formal bit?…

My background is biochemistry with a PhD in Molecular Biology; I have worked in the Medical Diagnostic Industry and lectured at third level colleges but my biggest educators to date are the children I have worked with!

You can contact me by e-mail at drhowsciencewows@gmail.com



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