Fresh air, Nature’s bounty and Microscopic Art

The wind and the rain have arrived here in the West of Ireland as Autumn matures and prepares to shed her leafy robes for winter clothing.  Autumn has arrived gently this year though, giving us plenty of time to adjust. Every hedge and ditch has been scoured and plucked as the Sun shone long and the berries were plentiful.  As the children headed back to school we kept our afternoons for rambling around our country lanes, filling our buckets with the bounty!
Blackberrying on an Autumn afternoon

Sun dappled roads on an Autumn ramble

Blackberry bounty

We gathered other treasures too as we walked, it wouldn’t be a real adventure without a pocket full of sticks and stones and other odd delights.  Discarded branches full of lichen and moss are a really precious find, especially if there is a microscope at home!

Caer was intrigued to know what they might look like from a different perspective… a more minute perspective, so we got out the microscope and I left her to explore.

She was very excited with what she discovered and thought her branches full of lichen and moss looked very beautiful when she got to see them up close.  Suddenly something small on a branch turned into a magical scape… a forest within a forest.  

Lichen on a branch … by Caer

Lichen up close…. by Caer

Lichen and moss Part 1… by Caer

Lichen and moss Part 2 … by Caer

I hope you liked this little photo story of our Autumn ramble and what we found looking at nature through a different lens…. 

“If you look the right way, you can see that the whole world is a garden.” 
― Frances Hodgson BurnettThe Secret Garden
…..just a thought!


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