A Simple Slice of Science – Why do we burp?

A Simple Slice of Science – Why do we burp?

Dr. Simple is back answering some more great questions; this one came in from five-year-old Cathal, who can sometimes be found over at the lovely blog Bumbles of Rice.

Cathal wants to know…

Why do we burp?

And here is what Dr. Simple has to say on the matter…




Who knew the humble burp could be so interesting? Here are a few more burp facts that Dr. Simple didn’t mention…

  • Not all animals, can burp; chicken, rats and horse are among some that cannot.
  • The average person passes wind (through burps and farts) an average 20 times a day!
  • This can add up to three or more litres of gas a day!


Thanks so much for your question, Cathal, and if anyone else has a question for Dr. Simple, just leave it in the comments below!