The Science behind Science Wows

Dr. How’s Science Wows was set up by me (Naomi) in 2011. My background is biochemistry with a PhD in Molecular Biology; I have worked in the Medical Diagnostic Industry and lectured at third level colleges but the crux of what I do lies in many years working with children; from two to 20 they all have one thing in common…. curiosity! By taking their lead and applying a hands-on approach, I have found a passion for science communication and an innate aptitude for communicating my own love of science in a way that mirrors children’s natural exploration.



This has lead to work in science writing (on-line and print); workshops and programme design on both a national and international level and consultancy work for radio and television.

If you want to get in touch you can contact me by phone (087) 2886771 or e-mail…