Giveaway Winners Revealed!

Well it’s been a great week and thanks to all who participated in the competition, there has been a great response! All names were given a number and I used a random number generator to keep everything fair.

All ready for a new home!

So the four lucky winners are….

=&0=& =&1=& =&2=& =&3=&


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Fun Friday – time for a little give away!

To welcome in the new year and to celebrate reaching 300 followers on my Face Book page I have decided on a little give away. So for today’s Fun Friday post, instead of sharing an experiment you can try at home I am giving you the chance to win =&0=& of these =&1=& so your Junior Scientists can create lots of fun experiments of their own. These kits are a huge favourite in our house and I often give them as birthday gifts to children I know as I have seen how much children really like them.

The kit is by 4M and contains all the equipment and instructions you need for ten fun experiments and games including a fishing game, magnetic racing car, build a magnet man and many more.

I have used this kit to teach my four year old all about magnets

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All tied up in knots!

I expected the first morning back to school after the Christmas break to reduce some of us to tears but to be honest, it went fairly well considering! The tears, when they did come, were not over having to get up early, get dressed and get out the

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Mystery Monday

Did you guess the name of this week’s Mystery Creature? It is a recently discovered sea slug named Tritonia Khaleesi. The scientist that discovered it must have been big fans of The Game of Thrones as they thought the pale markings on the back

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A year of blogging – a look at some favourites!

While looking to the future of my blog I thought it would be good to take a quick look back at my favourite posts over my first blogging year so here they are…

My most poplar blog of the year was also one of my personal favourites, I took a quick look at What’s in a hug and ended up having the whole family counting to 20 ever hug we gave ;0)
Counting to 20 and sharing the love!
I got to ramble on about one of my favourite plants… Lavender … what is not to love about this wonder plant? I shared some things I like to make with it and even got to try out a delicious cocktail…. the things I do for blogging! We have since tried out a few more recipes and ideas so there will be a Part 2 coming up shortly. Looking back I notice that wild plants and hedgerow herbs featured a good bit in these posts, my two favourites being The passing of time and A fistful of Love;
A fistful of love
I did a guest post earlier in the year on the wonderful Science Calling blog where I got to to talk about Science through the eyes of a child! Myself and my Junior Science team had great fun each weeking preparing experiments to share on the Fun Friday posts, our three favourites would be Making Butter, Anything that glows and Exploring Density.
My wonderful Junior Science Team
I really enjoyed running an interview series on my blog and getting to find out more about four people who have really inspired me in their various fields of Science and/or Nature and how they share and communicate their areas of expertise with such diversity and passion:  I spoke with….  


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