Fun Friday – making Ooblecks!

Following on from last week’s slime experiment, here is another great type of slime that you can easily make at home.  As you will see from the photos and videos below… it is a lot of FUN!!

You will need:

Warm water
Food colouring (optional)
A large bowl
A spoon to mix
Measuring spoons/cups

What to do:

This one is really easy… simply mix the cornflour and warm water together in the bowl – approximately one part water to two parts cornflour; add a few drops of food colouring if desired and mix in thoroughly.


The little Junior Scientist tells you all about it

Let loose and have fun…

I made dinner while he got lost in Ooblecks

Then all that is left is a little washing up

Ooblecks explained!

Ooblecks is what we call a Non Newtonian Fluid… meaning that it does not follow the laws of Netonian Physics.  When left to rest it looks just like a regular liquid.  However when disturbed by strong hitting, shaking or pulling it acts more like a solid.  It is a phenomenon worth studying and although still a bit of an enigma, scientists think that the material normally acts as a liquid but can produce a sudden, local reaction to rapid impact and stress, reinforcing the area and briefly solidifying the suspension. 
Ooblecks takes it’s name from the green slime that fell from the skies in the Dr Seuss booh “Bartholomew and the Oobleck“. 

I hope you enjoyed this week’s Fun Friday post… if you have tried out this experiment or have any questions or something to add please leave a comment below… I always love to hear from you!

Next week I will start sharing some fun Halowe’en experiments so stay tune!


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