The best Easter Egg Hunt… ever!

The best Easter Egg Hunt… ever!

We are spending a lovely few days away as we visit Grandparents and the children get to catch up with cousins. After a long chocolate and fun filled day, some very happy children went to bed declaring “That was the best Easter Egg Hunt ever” …

The loot for hiding
The loot for hiding


We chose seven hiding places around the garden and prepared seven rhyming clues for the children to work out where each stash was hidden.


There was a treat to find at each hiding point
There were treats to find at each hiding place


Clues to find...
Clues to find…


There was a lot of reading and deciphering of clues
…and read and decipher!



There was lots of searching...
There was lots of searching…


...and running!
…and running!


And the best bit of all was the personalised mini mug by Colorines Wonderful for each child! A real treasure!


Very happy with their treasure
Cousins…. very happy with their treasure


We hope you had a very happy Easter too!!